What are the best exercises to do?

The ones you will actually do!

Self-care has always been an essential part of massage treatment, but never has it been more important than at the moment when hands-on therapy is not allowed.  Clients who engage with self-care have better outcomes and shorter recovery times than those who leave it all to the therapist.

But how do you perform self-care at home?

Self-care can take a number of different forms.  It can be as simple as making the time to take a nice bath at the end of the day, or as demanding as daily exercise classes.  The important thing is to be mindful of what your body needs and think about how to meet those needs, as well as carving out the time to do it.


There are many different self-care techniques, and what is effective for one person might not work as well for another.  However, there are some basic principles that are effective for everyone.  They divide into two categories: physical and psychological. 

 One key element of self-care is movement - our bodies are made to move, and if we don't move regularly they stiffen up and don't work as well.  Some people think that this means that strenuous exercise is necessary, but a walk is just as effective.  Regular stretching or yoga is another good way to keep your body moving.

The psychological element of self-care is essentially just being kind to yourself.  This means taking some time to be mindful and paying attention to the things that are causing you stress.  Meditation is very helpful for this, but if it isn't your thing then a few minutes sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing will calm your mind as well.