30 minute massage - £35: massage of targeted area (neck, shoulders, arms/back/legs)

Sports massage - £45: therapeutic massage to soothe aches and pains and provide relaxation.  Appointment 1 hour, massage 45-50 minutes

Remedial massage - £45: targeted massage to treat specific injury or pain.  Appointment 1 hour, massage 45-50 minutes

Soft tissue treatment - £45: assessment and treatment of injury (sporting or overuse) with remedial exercises.  Appointment 1 hour, treatment time will vary depending on injury.

Functional movement taping - stand-alone treatment £35; add-on £5

Online consultation - £20 initial consultation, £10 follow up sessions: an online, face-to-face consultation via Zoom, involving assessment and self-care advice (such as stretching, trigger point guidance, coaching in self-care techniques)